Jul 22, 2009

the little valentines day heart.

you saw a paper heart on the ground
you wanted to take it up and put it in your pocket, but it was to cold.
some days it dreams it is made of glass
is solid and shiny in a window of a shop
instead of made of paper, and lost--trampled on top,
Or Imagines you came back, and snatched it from the grass.
"Was it one look-and I was sold?" it asks,
"I was thin, rippled, and brown--fashioned from a paper bag
was it my shape, or the way I fluttered in the wind?
Is that why you carry me in you pocket?
I am warm, somewhere tucked under your arm
Was it because I was one that no one took, or that you needed me to give?"
Paper and thin or Glass and Solid
to be ripped in places or shattered in pieces
It is a paper heart, and It was yours down
to its rough and ragged little heart shaped parts."

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