Aug 22, 2009

News for August

What's on my mind:
School, the fact that I have a lot of stuff I need to do before I graduation. The End of summer.

What I'm reading:
I just finished reading The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Can't stop listening to:

1. Bright Eyes
2. The Greatest - Cat Power

I'm in love with...
The fact that there are people in my life that love and care about me. I love them too :)

I just ate...

Pancakes! (I broke down and had breakfast for dinner)

Water currently, but I could go for a glass of tea!

I really want to:
1. go see 500 days of Summer again
2.finish my summer to do list
3. have a few more adventures before summer is up.

I'd like to thank...
God :)

I can't wait til...
School starts! I have high hopes for the fall (i.e. film festival, great movies,friends ect.)

I discovered...
I really like to draw things in sketchbooks, but usually a few days after I've sketched they morph into notebooks. I guess I'm a writer at heart.

This week I..
sang in the shower. I think I wrote a pretty neato shower power ballad too!

Working on...

Life and hopefully a change in hair color.

next time I write...
I'll be different. That is a guarantee.

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