Dec 7, 2010

a little poetry for your enjoyment

Break up Song No. 1

You half smile, “It happens every day,
Your first of many times.”
And then you’re gone
You’re out the door
And now all I’ve got is your back
Down the steps and through the lawn
I’m left to wonder how I’m gonna get you back
Set the scene,
Sad songs and pencil drawings
And in between the
Heart beats and crumpled longings
Under tired bed sheets and coffee cups
I tried to draw it out,
(make us last)
But all the markers
(things from our past)
Couldn’t make out
just what went wrong
with you and me
I made a graph
I made a chart
But nothing could decipher
The lines of your heart
Later on
Broken chalk and long walks,
And in between bookstores and poetry readings
Inside gas stations and city buses
I began a proof,
(Some evidence)
That me and you
Could still really be us
Only to find
That only you
Could solve
How apathy
Became your path
To closure?
How my heart became something to resolve
“Love is a matter of math,”
you say.
Add, subtract, and reduce our conversations
“Honey we’re through.
It’s not me, it’s you”
And it’s simple really, in your little equation,
How did you get so sure?
How did you get so sure?

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