Mar 3, 2011

the first boy

You were first, I think.
Even now I remember you pacing in the driveway;
Your sunburned freckles and curly hair,
Waiting for me.
And no one before had been so anxious for me,
had shared our secret, been my official business partner,
Didn’t think I was weird, call me a witch, or chase me away
On their red 10 speed bike.
You were the first to enjoy my company and own the same favorite beanie baby.
Before you, no one was lemonade and big wheels and all summertime things
Remember us in your backyard, back by the a/c,
Near the chain link fence where I dared you to try things,
When I thought I had really tricked you?
You smelled like sweat and Juicy Fruit gum,
And traded baseball cards for stick-on tattoos.
Really, I think the first adventurous one was you;
You were the first boy in the entire world.
Because I was moving and would be gone soon,
You and I were the first of many things that couldn’t last.
But you were the first one I wanted to stay
And the first time I was afraid to say so, and the first boy
I thought about when I was alone,
The first boy I think of
When I think of all the First Boys I’ve ever known.

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