Dec 7, 2011

Winter Town

I want to live in a winter town,
Live in a state of perpetual unthaw,
Content with cold, my chilly companion,
Never wishing for the embrace of a scarf or shawl.
I’d seek no respite in hot drinks or flannel sheets,
Let me exist in a world of snowy bliss, un-pined
For the bloom of springs warm sticky kiss.
I want to live in a winter town.
Leave me with dead leaves, hailstones, and sleeted streets
To inhabit frosted windows
Alone and unmelted around a never-fire.
In the shivered December, surrender me
To mounds of white where snow angels abound.
Loose me to the icicle arms of a winter town.


  1. This is GREAT!
    You should submit some of your stuff to

  2. Thanks, dear :) I know, I keep saying I will but I haven't at this point.