Apr 11, 2012

Breaking up with You and Google Translate

Breaking up with you and Google Translate

I will speak to you in French
And I will not know what I am saying,
Because it is not my first language,
I will think it is beautiful,
You will laugh at the mangled tense.
I will cry over poems we wrote,
Me and Google Translate.
We will break up over language
Barriers. Each saying the right
Thing in the wrong language.
And I will type an apology into
Google, instead of you,
Explaining that I am sorry,
Please don’t reply.
I hope you always knew
You were a hideous tool
In the hands of a hopeless
Your words were never your own,
Even if you meant them.
I only liked you to speak French
To me,
Repeating back
Sentences I typed into you with my own hands.

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