Jul 29, 2009

News for July

What's on my mind:
School and possibly taking a Fibers class in the fall. I am going to change my hair!

What I'm reading:
The Time Traveler's Wife

Can't stop listening to:

1. Breakable - Ingrid Michaelson
2. Nothing but a Miracle - Diane Birch

I'm in love with...
The promise of love. There are just infinite possibilities out there.

I just ate...

leftover Digornio Pizza

Stash pomegranate raspberry green tea

I really want to:
Make popovers and strawberry jam, go shopping

I'd like to thank...
God :)

I can't wait til...
August when Paper hearts comes out and maybe when I can see 500 Days of Summer, school starts and all that brings :)

I discovered...
that Play-doh is still pretty awesome.

This week I...

helped with Piano camp

Working on...

a plan and changing my hair, and writing my summer novel.

next time I WRITE...
I'll be different.somehow.

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