Jul 31, 2009

God Does Not Make Mistakes.

I have always operated under the assumption that God does not make mistakes. I believe him to be infinite and omniscient--and when one is both infinite and omniscient it is pretty darn difficult to make a mistake.
It is also guaranteed that every person is made in the image of God--that is if you believe in the traditional, biblical view of God. It says so in Genesis.
So where does this all fit in with today's blog entry?
If we believe both these things, we must realize that is no one is ugly. Because if God doesn't make mistakes, he can't be ugly and if you are made in his image, you can't be ugly either.
But you might argue, but what about Sally so and so? She was hideous. hmm. Maybe at first glance.
I once heard a story about two kids who were arguing over some issue, so they were taken into the Principal's office and shown a glass Paperweight. They sat on opposite sides of the office, and the Principal asked each child what color the paperweight was. One insisted that it was black. The other insisted it was white.
Later it was revealed that neither was right exactly--it was a paperweight with a black side and a white side. What color it was depended on where you viewed it from.

I think people in general, are a lot like that paperweight. When God made them, he saw every angle of them. He could see a person in every context, from any direction--from all directions. Which, I am sorry to say, we cannot. He formed people and said, "Let's have Dave's eyes be a little dull in color because look how wonderful I have made his ears. I want people to notice that first about him." If Dave had been made with such wonderful eyes, would we have ever noticed those fabulous ears?
It's sort of like a sculpture too. You have to walk completely around it. You might notice that the sculptor left a part completely unpolished and rough with wire sticking out, but that was the only way he could create the striking view from the side.
People are like that too.

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