May 1, 2012

There Might be a Porpoise in My Closet

Now I don’t really know you
But there might be a porpoise in
my closet.
Right next to the ferret and
The Christmas Winnie the Pooh.
Get out now while you can,
I have Neruda poems and
folded  New York  City postcards
In my wallet.
I have seven receipts from
The same restaurant in my back pocket
Some are stuck together with chewing gum.
You really should run!
I’ve  got dressers and drawers
Filled with orphaned socks
And shrunken sweaters
Under which are
about a dozen empty lockets,
heart shaped, tangled in ribbons and chains.
Now didn't I say there was a porpoise in my closet?
Don't say you weren't warned.

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