Aug 12, 2012

lyrics and poems

This morning, dreamt I had no hands, just sleeves.
and you were holding some thin thread, there,
twisting a story around your fingers
 and pulling my arms apart

When I awoke, I didn't quite feel unraveled
just folded up like a sweater in your case,
I felt warm, I looked down
and my hands were red mittens

I said, I might be falling.
you told me no,
There was no use,

let's not let our love become a stitched pillow poem

I felt worn, you'd strung me up now,
hung on the back of your door,

You watched as I became the words in my mouth and a mass of wet tangled threads

then left the room.
I reached out
grasping at anything, the hem of your pants
shoelaces, belt loops,
 but I had no hands to hold on.

1 comment:

  1. You most definitely have a talent with words, I can tell you that. I loved your blog or rather love [why I used the past tense originally makes no sense to me] it still. Please keep it coming.
    Jannat ^_^